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I like creating safe zones for people to be their authentic, vulnerable selves... let's co-create that space for you

As one of four children to the most loving entrepreneurs and parents you ever wanna meet and their last child, she embodied the best of both of them, fierce, smart, and hardworking but compassionate and giving 🧡...

...her success has everything to do with her personality. Even as a young adult, she has been able to create rapport with people. She relocated to DC to attend Howard University, fast forward to now, and her personality is still her strength! BeBe intuitively gets to the heart of the matter and uses the breadth of her experience to identify the appropriate mediums and resources to reach your desired outcomes. Heavily relying on spirituality, astrology, and numerology, these tools will identify celestial alignments at birth and current transit of the planets and stars which impact the energy of the moment to navigate the issue and then develop the best course of action.

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"Be Yourself, but be Your Best Self."
- Consolee Nishimwe

Do you want to be yourself and create your own life? Let me show you how... contact me and let's start this journey.